August 13, 2022
Touch lenses are an effective way to support your imaginative and prescient, they usually require right kind care

Touch lenses are an effective way to support your imaginative and prescient, they usually require right kind care and dealing with. When you’re now not cautious, it is advisable to injury your eyesight and even motive an an infection. On this article, we can talk about the very important do’s and don’ts for dressed in touch lenses. 

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We’ll additionally supply some useful tips about how one can handle your contacts. So whether or not you’re a first-time wearer or a seasoned professional, remember to learn this newsletter. However first, to higher perceive why you wish to have to take excellent care of your touch lenses, let’s talk about their use instances.

There are 3 number one use instances for touch lenses, and those are the next: corrective imaginative and prescient, beauty enhancement, and healing functions. The general public put on contacts to support their imaginative and prescient, however some other people additionally use them to modify the illusion in their eyes or to regard sure scientific stipulations (e.g., touch lenses for dry eyes). 

Now that we all know why other people put on contacts, let’s talk about the do’s and don’ts of touch lens utilization.


  • Apply your eye physician’s directions on how one can put on and deal with your contacts. Every particular person’s eyes are distinctive, so you wish to have to observe the precise directions in your personal lenses.
  • Wash your palms totally ahead of you installed or take out your contacts. Doing so will a great deal assist cut back the chance of an infection.
  • Insert your contacts ahead of hanging on make-up. This will likely assist cut back the chance of touch lens contamination.
  • Take away your contacts ahead of going to mattress. Slumbering in contacts can build up your chance of growing an an infection.
  • Substitute your contacts as prescribed through your eye physician. The general public wish to change their contacts each 3 to 6 months, relying at the sort and logo of lenses.
  • Handiest contact the touch lens whilst you’re able to insert it into your eye.
  • Make sure that the touch lens is rainy ahead of you attempt to put it for your eye.
  • Put the touch lens within the palm of your hand and use your arms to softly slide it into position on most sensible of your cornea.
  • Blink a couple of occasions to verify the lens is seated correctly in your cornea.
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  • Rub your eyes after putting or putting off your contacts. This may motive inflammation and/or an an infection.
  • Reuse previous touch lens case or answer. This would result in an an infection.
  • Sleep for your contacts as this will likely motive some critical injury on your eyesight.
  • Divulge your contacts to water or some other form of liquid. Watch out as a result of this will likewise result in an an infection.
  • Put on touch lenses that don’t seem to be prescribed for you as a result of this might injury your cornea.

What may be able to occur should you don’t handle your touch lenses correctly?

When you don’t handle your touch lenses correctly, it is advisable to enjoy a number of issues, together with:

To steer clear of those issues, remember to observe the do’s and don’ts indexed on this article. And when you’ve got any questions, you’ll want to ask your eye physician. Thank you for studying!

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