Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry | Execs & Cons 2023

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry had been youngsters who met in a sport named Tibia. They grew shut to one another due to their shared curiosity within the sport.

Sooner or later, Patry lent 20,000 digital cash to Kuhn. He requested him to return the cash shortly, however Kuhn refused. This made Patry livid and decided to kill Kuhn.

12-12 months-Outdated Boy

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry was a 12-year-old boy who was brutally murdered by a 16-year-old buddy. The 2 had been mates and had began hanging out collectively as a result of they performed a sport referred to as Tibia on-line.

The 2 had develop into good mates, and on one event, Daniel loaned Gabriel 20,000 digital cash within the sport. Nonetheless, when Daniel requested Gabriel to return the cash, he refused.

Indignant & Determined

Because of this, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry grew to become very indignant and determined to kill Gabriel.

In the course of the altercation, he strangled Gabriel utilizing a rope. He then minimize his legs off, and positioned him in his neighbor’s home.

The sufferer was discovered together with his legs separated round midday within the neighbor’s home. The post-mortem report additionally confirmed that he was raped by Daniel.

Digital Cash to Advance

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry had been each neighbours and had been mates who performed the identical sport. When Kuhn wanted 20,000 digital cash to advance, Patry loaned him the cash.

They grew nearer as they acquired into the Tibia sport. They might talk and meet up on the Web each time their dad and mom weren’t round.

Sadly, Kuhn didn’t return the digital foreign money to Patry, and this angered him.

Daniel Tracked Gabriel

Finally, Daniel tracked Gabriel to his home and opened the door. He instructed Kuhn that he would forgive him if he apologized to him.

After he was inside, he brutally assaulted Kuhn and killed him. He additionally drank a number of blood and started to snigger.

Psychological Issues

It’s stated that Daniel Patry had psychological issues. He had hassle interacting together with his friends, and he was usually irritated. He additionally missed college and didn’t go to remedy.

Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry had been neighbors, and so they had a shared curiosity in video video games. They each performed Tibia, a well-liked on-line multiplayer role-playing sport.

Daniel Threatened

Gabriel loaned Daniel a sum of cash in an effort to improve his account. When he didn’t pay again the cash, Daniel threatened to kill him.

The incident grew to become a nationwide story. It additionally induced a number of controversy, because it was reported that Patry was solely 16 years previous and some years youthful than Kuhn.

The investigation into the homicide was carried out by the police, and Daniel Patry was charged with the crime. He was given a three-year jail sentence for the brutal dying of Gabriel Kuhn.

Pal Daniel Patry

Gabriel Kuhn was murdered in 2007 by his buddy Daniel Patry. The homicide was the discuss of the city again then, however now it has resurfaced with a brand new post-mortem report.

A heated argument occurred between the 2 youngsters. Daniel requested Gabriel to return 20,000 Tibia’s on-line digital foreign money that he had borrowed from him, however Gabriel refused. This enraged Daniel and he determined to kill him.


The physique was then carved with Tibia symbols and Daniel tried to stuff it into the crawl house lure door in Gabriel’s home. Nonetheless, it didn’t match.

After that, he started to beat Gabriel’s high half and dismembered him. He sawed off his legs and ripped the center components out of his torso, all whereas he was nonetheless alive. He then positioned his bloodied physique in a hallway crawl house and the legs subsequent to a hacksaw.