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Sorry, scusate, but this post is going to be in English. Perchè? Because it has to be intelligible by Italians, speakers of English and my loyal Dutch readers at the same time. The reason for this is that ages ago my fellow blogger Annalisa from travel blog Viaggio Vagando invited me to join her on a blog hop. A what? A blog hop. It basically means that you interview yourself as a blogger by answering four questions about how you work, what your habits are, and how they differ from others, etc. Then you ask some other bloggers to do the same by passing the digital torch as it were. Check out Annalisa’s post and then come back here to read more about my mindboggling blogging habits. (I know this doesn’t make sense, but I just wanted to use these words together. Allow me some fun, will you! Thanks.)

Sophie Kruijsdijk

This is me by the way! Cheers!

1. What am I working on/writing?

Since I work for the biggest Dutch blog on Italy I get to write a lot about my experiences in Tuscany. I get to go on so-called blog tours that are basically fun-packed weekends in which the only goal is to have a blast, learn about local culture and customs, eat till you drop and then share this amazing experience with our readers. Not bad ey? This weekend I’m going to the Palio della Balestra in Sansepolcro for example. Can’t wait to go on this time travel experience and write about it on Ciao tutti.

Ciao tutti by Saskia Balmaekers

Ciao tutti by Saskia Balmaekers

But, Sophie, the question was: what are you writing on? Well, currently I’m writing about accommodations that want to be featured on the blog’s accommodation portals, which is fun and quite interesting. Then I also write for this blog,, obviously, but I only do this once a week drawing on my experience as a Dutch girl living in Italy. Going for a coffee, visiting the in-laws or watching my boyfriend play football all have the same potential of presenting me with absurd situations that I’d never dreamt of happening to me. Then I write about these bizarre events that usually have to do with cultural differences. Sometimes funny, sometimes annoying, sometimes extremely shocking. But I only do that in Dutch, so sorry rest of the world. (Pling: light bulb… how about starting this in English…?!)

2. How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?

Ehm, boh. (‘Boh’ means I have no clue in Italian). I don’t really think there are any other Dutch people doing what I do. I tend to write columns about my life here so that people get an idea of what it’s like to live in Florence being tall, blond and looking anything but Italian. Then what we do for Ciao tutti differs from others in our field since we manage to publish two articles a day, every day, we make Specials (digital magazines) and we have more than 40.000 unique visitors a month. I know, impressive, isn’t it?

The Special we wrote about Florence

The Special we wrote about Florence

3. Why do I write what I do?

Because I love sharing my odd experiences, beautiful differences and extreme incredulity with Dutch people who are passionate about Italy and live there, or are considering taking this highly irrational, but utterly gorgeous step. Then for Ciao tutti it’s just fun to make other people jealous with my mind-blowing ‘Italy-is-paradise’ experiences. Just kidding. It’s beautiful to be able to convey and, in a way, represent the country that I love (and sometimes are deeply disappointed by, but the critical notes are left for this personal blog of mine you’re currently reading).

4. How does my writing process work?

I just start and then some brilliant ideas come up that I didn’t knew I had in me before. Take this post for instance. I postponed (haha! postponed! No, not funny?) it for like two months and now writing it I’m having a blast. Words, expressions, sentences just flow and make it into a coherent piece that is usually pretty enjoyable, funny and sometimes even moving to read. How I love having discovered this artistic ability of mine. I hope you feel the same.


Alright, that’s all folks! (Already? Yeah, already).

Let me introduce three other bloggers that I think you should seriously check out. First my Italian friend and political aficionado of the Italian blog Comunità in Fermento Joseph Gary; an eternal dreamer in love with his city, Florence. He has got a degree in Political Science and dreams about a future when communities will come back to be important in people’s lives. He is helped in this challenge by a friend of his, Eric Goodhelps, and other people that share more or less their opinions. If you feel linked with your community and are a fair, loyal and honest person and you believe in values like love and friendship, you are one of us. Follow this Italian blog and join us.


Joseph Gary – CIF

Then meet my fun, creative and actually pretty famous girlfriend Tiana Kai M.; a travel blogger at and marketing consultant based in Florence. Her blog shares unique tips about Tuscany and funny stories about life in Florence. She was born in Hawaii and raised in Miami, returning to Florence after ten years to marry her Florentine husband. She’s a foodie and wino at heart, plus has an undying obsession for mountains, social media, cowboy boots and photography. Besides her blog she puts a lot of love into her Instagram accounts: her personal account @tianapix features the best of her travels and @notmynonni which is dedicated to capturing the elder people of Italy.


Tiana Kai M. –

Then, last but not least my dear Ciao tutti colleague and friend, the gorgeous Willemijn van Dijk: freelance writer, blogger, photographer, editor and translator. Curious about new things in general, and especially about Italian travel, art & culture, literature, history and philosophy. Her own personal Dutch blog Orpheus Kijkt Om deals with all these interesting topics with a special focus on Rome. She also lived in Puglia during her archaeology studies and fell in love with this bella regione italiana and even wrote a book about it: Puglia – reizen door de hak van de Italiaanse laars. Check it out!


Willemijn van Dijk – Orpheus Kijkt Om

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